What are "Tabata" and "Hennie Muller" training exercises?

As soon as one examines high-intensity interval training, the terms & # 39; Tabatas & # 39; and & # 39; Hennie Mullers & # 39; on. So it is understandable to know exactly what Tabata and Hennie Muller exercises are.

According to Dr. Named Izumi Tabata at the National Institute for Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

Tabata intervals are long in the high intensity interval and shorter in the rest interval, i. H. 20 seconds of maximum intensity followed by a ten second pause form a cycle. Repeating this cycle eight times takes four minutes. Due to the demanding requirements of the high intensity interval, the rest period is essential for the partial restoration of mental and physical abilities.

In the of Dr. Tabata's study used a mechanically braked exercise bike, but you can apply this protocol to almost every exercise imaginable.

For example, imagine doing one or more of the following: sprinting, jumping rope, doing squats and pushups, or hitting a punching bag.

If you have the drive and endurance – as well as the necessary level of fitness to start with – quick results are given.

Hennie Mullers is named after a legendary South African rugby player, a Flanker.

A Hennie Muller consists of running the width, length and diagonal of the rugby field and ending where you started. Do it twice in a row and then repeat as often as you can. Apparently the Tokyo Gaijin rugby team does about five sets for a training session.

Tabatas and Hennie Mullers can be almost unbearably exhausting.

Without a doubt, Tabatas and Hennie Mullers shouldn't be done by people with average fitness. Likewise, the almost brutal demands on the trainee can lead to mental fatigue and physical complaints. However, the hypothesis behind such exercises can be adapted for ordinary people, and even the proven increased physical fitness level can be achieved by them

Are you looking for more physical fitness for yourself?

Research has shown that four minutes of tabata interval training can contribute as much to increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity as one hour of endurance training. Even an adapted form of intensity interval training can accelerate the desired results. Whether at the highest level or in a customized version for average mortals, working in a support group is encouraging and helpful.

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