The very sweet and collectible Bobble Head Dolls

We all have a passion for collecting items. Some people will have a hobby, it may watch their local sports team or follow a motor sport. Others could be collecting stamps. Each stamp was carefully and precisely put together in an album or catalog. Interestingly, this was the most popular form of hobby in the 19th century.

A new and unique hobby is growing in popularity. Would you know what pompom dolls are? The best way to describe one of these unusual little characters is: a little cartoon person or character who usually has a face that is oversized in relation to the body.

The description comes from the point where the face is not fixed to the body, but is connected by a spring or hook, causing it to move and wobble, which more and more people consider as their hobby.

The earliest known reference to the term bobble-headed doll comes from the story by Mikolai Gogol entitled "The Overcoat", which was written in 1842. After almost a century, they returned briefly in the 1950s before slowly disappearing as a collectible form of hobby.

It wasn't until the 1960s that bobble heads really became popular again. During this time in the United States, Major League baseball figures produced by each team. Each figure had the same shape, but with the variant of the team paint and colors.

One of the most sought after sets is that of the world famous band & # 39; The Beatles & # 39; from the 1970s, but during that time there was a decline in enthusiasm for these dolls. After this time, the manufacturing processes were changed in the late 1990s in order to make them popular and collectable again. The material of the plate has been changed from ceramic to plastic.

The types of characters that can be produced and collected may vary, but some of the most popular types of pompom dolls are based on new films that are released. The current Star Wars film contained a lot of merchandise, including characters from some of the larger characters.

Why do people collect this type of figure? Most of the characters are made and released on special occasions, such as a movie, a sports team player, or an anniversary that is similar to the 40th anniversary of the San Francisco Giants Candle Stick Park in the United States. Thousands of characters were given away to the audience at the event.

Where can you get them? You can buy and receive images from many sources. There are shops that sell them on the main street, or you can buy them from online retailers, or a good place for limited editions is online through various auction websites.

Once you start collecting, you need a safe home to deposit your collection. Some of the figures can require a three-digit number, so security and protection are a good investment. Because pompom dolls come with a large, sturdy base, most are happy to sit on your desk or shelf. For some people, the best way to display them is with a plexiglass box. This protects them and prevents them from being damaged.

If you would like to see yourself as a bobble head doll, you can create your own figure with a popular mainstream option. This would be a brilliant option as a gift for anyone looking to expand their collection, and certainly a unique one.

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