A look back at the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym

If you choose what you want to accommodate in your home gym, you need to go to a gym that has Life Fitness equipment and the Life Fitness G2 home gym. This usually costs around $ 1400 for the better models and is well worth your money. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, but they are not of the same quality as this brand.

Details and specifications
The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym measures 71 inches in length, 83 inches in height, and 48 inches in width. Optionally, you can add a leg press. In this case, the width is 81 inches. But even if this makes the equipment bulky, the leg press and calf lift are really additional benefits. Some home gyms have these too, but they're much bulkier than this model.

Some sets have lat bars that do not need to be lifted to remove them from the bar. If you choose the Life Fitness G2, you need to make sure you have extra space on the ceiling so you can take the lat bar out of the holder.

The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym frame and parts are guaranteed for a lifetime. The pads and cables have a three-year warranty, which seems like a good deal.

Features of the G2
The Life Fitness G2 comes with a weight stack of around 160 pounds. You can set the pen to the weight level you want to lift.

The device is supplied with a low stretch bar, an ankle strap, a lat bar, some exercise cards and two handles of different sizes. These features are great and cost more if you buy them separately. You also have the option to buy an additional 50 pounds.

One can say with certainty that the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym feels much more stable compared to other gyms in the household. It also feels commercial. You don't have to worry about jiggling and jiggling, especially if you do the leg extension part. It also has a low cable that allows you to do rows of seats, shoulder, leg, and bicep work.

You can also switch between different exercises because the machine has a contoured back and a comfortable fit.

Probably the only disadvantage of the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym is that its seat is not movable, so you cannot do exercises like tricep extensions. But you can also do many other exercises.

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