5 fitness tips for fat loss and muscle building

One of my challenges for May is to add a decent amount of muscle while losing fat at the same time. I didn't take a measurement. I weigh myself once a week or less and look at myself in the mirror a lot. I am also aware of my energy level throughout the day and my fitness progress.

I did 14 pull-ups about a week and a half ago. I will test myself again in June. If I could make 20 I would say it's pretty clear that I've gained a lot of muscle while losing fat. If I beat my 8:33 time in the Primal Blueprint Fitness Challenge, I am sure that my fitness capacity has expanded.

The following tips are my personal fitness tips to build muscle and lose fat. I read a lot. This includes the 4 hour body that I dipped into last night. I am not an expert, but I am making reasonable progress while I love life.

1) Stop cardio

It is completely unnecessary. Two summers ago I thought I would like to run. I ran in 9 5 km runs over 2 summers in shoes. My best time was 9:03 p.m., which is about 6:47 miles. I actually hated it. I like to compete, but I run like sucked. I like walking and jogging barefoot or with my Vibram Five Fingers. In the future I will run 5 kilometers, but I would like to take 30 minutes to walk barefoot.

If you deal with long and intense cardio, you get hungry. They then eat to make up for it. This is the main reason why most diets fail. If you don't want to starve yourself, quit cardio. Nothing hurts except you

A brisk walk, jogging, hiking, or any other activity that often involves slow movement is perfect.

2) Do not continue with errors

When lifting heavy objects, such as B. Your body, as close to failure as possible without failing. Why do I advise you not to go 110%? Because the next day you'll be sore and hate it. At least I'm standing here. I take part in a very intensive basic fitness challenge once a month. I am sore for the next 2 days. I would literally hate my life if this were the case after every intense weight training.

Get intense. Be smart. Enjoy the training. I feel great.

3) Focus on the right shape

I really focused on shape this month. Ten pushups with a perfect image are a lot better than twenty pushups with half a heart. Go slowly and focus on what you are doing.

I also think of symmetry. When we pull up, most of us pull ourselves up and then fall down as quickly as possible. I have slowly lowered myself. Guess what? I can do LESS pull-ups this way and I think I work more muscles. This is called efficiency. I make LESS, but I can build MORE muscles in LESS time.

4) Rest & Relax

Don't we all love a little rest and relaxation? We definitely do it.

This is also the reason why you should NOT do cardio. Your body loves to rest. If you want to build muscle, only do strength training when you are ready. Rest on the other days.

This includes enough sleep. Quality is damn much more important than quantity. I have reached the maximum about 7 hours recently and have thrived. That's because I sleep like a baby.

5) Sprint once a week

I have not completed any sprint intervals this year. I will do my first session this week and repeat 1-2 times a week more times than not.

Feel free to do tabata sprints. A training session consists of a 20-second sprint followed by a 10-second walk. Follow this closely for a total of 8 sessions and you may have your most productive workout in just 4 minutes. I prefer to run and sprint without counting.

Take these tips for what they're worth. They work when you take action.

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